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TSS concentration (Water monitoring)

Tracking Total Suspended Solids (TSS) is crucial for gaining valuable insights into water quality evolution. Additionally, it serves as an alarm system for breakthroughs or overflows. The durable Olpas Tentacle sensors are versatile, capable of installation in open water, slowly running rivers, and even in challenging environments such as sewers and overflows.

Olpas Tentacle Sensors have been build with remote monitoring in mind. The sensors use less energy, are accurate, and fouling resistant. This makes them the most optimal practical and economical choice for remote monitoring.

"The impressive fouling resistance of the OLPAS Technology, makes the Olpas Tentacle sensor the ideal solution to measure TSS in sewers or urban waste water"
  • (Bio)fouling resistance, resulting 4 times longer maintenance intervals

  • No automated mechanical clenaing (no wipers necessary!)

  • Low energy usage

  • IoT-ready, with digital output optimised for energy efficient data communication

  • Easy to connect to an external powersuply (batteries or solar)

  • Operate in direct sunlight

  • Not influenced by changes of colour

  • A direct TSS-measurement, not measuring optical parameters

The sensors are suitable for measurements in

  • sewers

  • sewer overflow

  • WWTP-influent

  • WWTP-effluent

  • open waters and canals

  • bulk water

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