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OEM Solutions

OEM Solutions

The OLPAS Technology and hardware are used as independent sensors (under the Olpas brand or other brands) and as part of other applications. Together with your product-development team we develop an OEM solution that is optimised for your application.

The OLPAS Technology and Olpas sensors are available as OEM products for our partners.

In true partnership, we help you develop your application, search for the best technical parameters for our sensors, and make your product and your brand shine.

Olpas OEM products provide your application with a technological head-start, building on top of our innovation.

And... we are quite happy to know our technology reaches many more people and has so much more positive impact on the envrionment and nature compared to what we could have accomplished on our own.

Seemlessly fitting into your product portfolio and your applications. The inside is our OLPAS Measurement Technology.

100% your brand, 100% OLPAS Technology

We understand you want to protect your brand. That's why we offer you the posibility to co-design the sensors with our R&D-team. We provide the sensor technology and give you access to our expertise.

The result? Sensors that are optimised for your application, 100% your brand, 100% OLPAS Technology.

Exclusivity in your region or your field

You understand your clients te best. You know what they need, and you know what value you offer.

We understand that, and we understand you want to protect your market.

That's why we often offer exclusivity to our partners for specific applications within a specific region.

OEM sensors for Sludge Dewatering

For all different measurements around sludge dewatering (being it measuring sludge concentration in ingoing sludge or dry solids in the sludge cake; or measuring TSS or residual polymers in centrate or filtrate), we have sensors with our revolutionary OLPAS Technology available.

Have a look at own Olpas branded sensors for sludge dewatering to get an idea of what could be build for your brand.

OEM sensors for concentration measurement of Iron Water

For Iron water, our technology can be made available for usage in your sensors.

OEM sensors for specialised concentration measurements

A lot of the state-of-the-art sensor technology has been developed decades ago. The fundamentals of the technology did not evolve.

With our OLPAS Measurement Technology, we provide a new technology, which opens new opportunities. If see an opportunity, get in touch, and we might be able to solve it.


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