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Meet The Team


Kristof Gladinez

Ir, PhD and fresh dad.  Kristof has all three titles.


And he is the technical mastermind of the OLPAS technology that's behind the Olpas sensors.  

Want to know more ?  Read this interview with Kristof, about the reason why Olpas was founded


Jo Wouters

Jo has been active in the digital world for multiple decades.  In 2007 he co-founded a leading digital agency in the Benelux-region that disrupted the market by building digital projects based on free and Open Sources technology.   

When Kristof contacted Jo and explained the innovative idea he was working on, he immediately got his attention. 


Olpas The Octopus

We know...
an octopus is supposed to have eight arms, and an animal in a company-logo should at least be able to represent the company. 

Read more about the history of our name, and the secret story behind our company logo.

Our Partners

We are in good company

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