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  • Want to buy a sensor, but need some aditonal information ?

  • Want to know more about the OLPAS Technology ? 

  • Have an idea for deployment of our sensors in a new field ?

  • Want us to co-develop with your team ? 

  • Fancy a coffee ? 

Let's book a discovery call and see how we can coöperate.

The button below gives you direct insight into our agendas so you can easily schedule the timeframe that suits you best. 

If you prefer good old e-mails over fancy booking pages... don't hesitate, and just send one to
(No unsolicited cold sales outreach please.  Spam is always reported.)


Business Details

Official address

Olpas bv

Turfkuilen 10

2200 Herentals (Belgium)

Laboratory, R&D
Customer Support


(Open Manufacturing Campus)

Slachthuisstraat 96

2300 Turnhout (Belgium)

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