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Water Monitoring


Monitoring water quality is not limited to fixed location in a water treatment plant or factory. To use our measurement technology in open water, discharge locations or even sewers, we developed these very robust sensors.

The robust Olpas Tentacle sensor range consists of sensors with a cable to provide power and data transfer.

Olpas Tentacle sensors can be deployed in stationary installations or on mobile platforms such as boats or buoys. The sensor is hung on a chain freely or in a guiding tube to limit its freedom.

The cable provides power (solar, batteries or grid) and data connectivity.

A communication node can be provided to send the data to a dashboard at regular intervals.

We have developed the Olpas Tentacle sensors with these applications in mind, because this is where the advantages of the robust OLPAS Technology, and the design of the sensor application show their most value.

  • Monitoring sewers and sewer overflows

  • Monitoring TSS in influent, in order to pro-actively adapt the WWTP

  • Protection against breakthrough of filters

  • Monitoring sediment runoffs in canals and natural rivers

  • Ensuring compliance with discharge standards

Due to the fouling resistance of the OLPAS Technology, the Olpas Tentacle is the only sensor that is economically feasible for installation in a sewer or sewer overflow. We provide maintenance windows that are 4 times longer compared to optical sensors with wipers and mechanical cleaning.


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