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About Olpas

Olpas is a spin-out of SCK CEN (the Belgian nuclear research center) and the MYRRHA project.  

Read more about founding the company in this interview with founder Kristof

The two founders of Olpas in front of their office in Turnhout

An experienced founding team

Kristof Gladinez (right) is the technical mastermind behind the innovative OLPAS technology and the different Olpas applications.  He defines the strategic roadmap and the different technical challenges Olpas focusses on.   

Jo Wouters has been active in the digital world for multiple decades.  In 2007 he co-founded a leading digital agency in the Benelux-region that disrupted the market by building digital projects based on free and Open Sources technology.

Both are very approachable, and are the first contact for our partners, suppliers and clients.

Recent news

Business Details

Official address

Olpas bv

Turfkuilen 10

2200 Herentals (Belgium)

Laboratory, R&D
Customer Support


(Open Manufacturing Campus)

Slachthuisstraat 96

2300 Turnhout (Belgium)

Of picture of the Open Manufacturing Campus where Olpas has its offices
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