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At Olpas we have an EMC-room for pre-compliance testing next to our laboratory

At Olpas we not only check our sensors in climate rooms but we also do formal compliance testing.

But before subjecting our sensors to these intense assessments, often pushing them through rigorous and occasionally destructive tests, pre-compliance testing plays a pivotal role .

Adjacent to our laboratory, Dekimo has an EMC-room dedicated to pre-compliance testing, offering invaluable insights.

An Olpas Tentacle sensor tested in an EMC-room. Everything work great!

On March 07 Open Manufacturing Campus organises again an "Open Innovation Café". Peter Van Grieken from Dekimo will give a short session about pre-compliance testing, including a live demonstration of an EMC-measurement.

📅 Date: Thursday March 07, 16h-18h

An invitation brochure for the Open Innovation Cafe


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