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Olpas at Aquatech Amsterdam

Aquatech Amsterdam here we are again! Jo Wouters (see picture) will be there all 3 days and is available.

If you're into optimising your (sludge)dewatering process, we can discuss our innovative ultrasound(!) sensors for measuring sludge concentration in thickened sludge and TSS & Residual Polymers in centrate (YES: you read that correctly: our sensors can measure TSS and residual polymers in centrate. Online. Inline.)

For water-monitoring in sewers and open waters we have developed a sensor that can be placed on remote locations and is battery powered. Thanks to the remarkable fouling-resistance our ultrasound technology has, we also do not need wipers or any other automated mechanical cleaning for these installations, with maintenance intervals that are a multitude of existing solutions; thus making remote monitoring also economically feasible.

Want to talk in Amsterdam or later? Use the Contact form on our website to immediately send a message to Jo.

See you shortly!


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