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How well is your sludge dewatering progressing?

This is a pertinent question addressed in Aquarama 101 (in Dutch), in an article that highlights two products from Olpas for measurements in the dewatering centrate: measurements of residual polymer and TSS (total suspended solids).

Centrate is the water separated from the sludge during the dewatering process. It often has a quite high turbidity and contains a lot of suspended particles. Our ultrasonic measurement technology also offers a viable solution here, with the same well-known benefits as other Olpas sensors: reliable measurements with extended maintenance intervals, excellent resistance to fouling, and an economical, compact sensor that is easy to install.

By measuring how much residual polymer is separated in the centrate, the chemical dosage can be better adjusted. Moreover, this helps prevent an excessive amount of TSS and polymers from being processed through the water treatment plant along with the centrate.

If you would like to read the full article in Dutch or French, you will need a (free) account with Aquarama. Alternatively, feel free to send a message to our colleague Jo, and we'll provide you with all the details about our 4-tier approach to the dewatering process.


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