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Olpas at the Half Marathon in Kasterlee

🍁 Embracing the autumn chill and muddy roads, November marks the annual Kasterlee Half Marathon in our neighborhood. Proud to share that alongside 1500 participants, both Kristof and Jo, the founders of Olpas, took on the challenge again.

This year's results: 2 hours plus of pure enjoyment (for the slower one, the other breezed through in just 1:45h 😉). However, a delightful twist – both were outrun by Graham and Gabriele, two old friends from SCK CEN, the company from which Olpas spun out. 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

Hey guys... next year the full one?

Disclaimer: The photos were taken before the run, but truth be told, after their race, all still look just as fresh 😉


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