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Water monitoring: TSS concentration



Sonde, TSS concentration: 0 - 6 g/L

TSS sensor for placement in open water, (urban) sewers, overflows, influent or other challenging environments.
Pre-calibrated modbus-sensor.

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Sonde, TSS concentration: 0 - 6 g/L


Thanks to using the OLPAS ultrasound measurement technology, the sensor is much less negatively impacted by fouling on the sensor head.

This results in maintenance intervals that are much longer compared to optical sensors. 

There is no need for wipers.


  1. The ultrasound OLPAS Technology provides a robust measurement that is not prone to changing water colour or other optical changes that are not relevant for the actual TSS

  2. Olpas sensors measure through fouling, requiring

  3.  much less maintenance

  4. and no need for automated mechanical cleaning (no wipers, no pressured air)

  5. Due to the longer maintenance window, Olpas sensors can be installed on hard to reach locations (eg. in sewers), while still providing an economical measurement


Fixed mounting

The fixed mounting of the sensor is done using two hanging brackets (M10).


A flexible installation can be achieved by suspending the sensor from the provided bracket using a stainless steel chain. This can be done either as a free-hanging installation (no restriction on lateral movement of the sensor) or by using a standpipe (restricting the lateral freedom of the sensor). 

Both solutions are ideal for easily removing the sensor for routine or preventive maintenance.

Water Level
The Olpas Tentacle is designed to operate fully or partially submerged in water at all times. Contact with water on the ultrasonic
window is necessary to perform a measurement.

Temporary drying

Temporary drying of the sensor will not cause damage, and the sensor will automatically resume operation upon contact with water. However, frequent drying of the ultrasonic window will shorten the
maintenance interval due to strong adhesion of dirt residues.

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