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Polymer concentration in centrate (with screen and buttons)



Polymer concentration in centrate

Pre-calibrated Polymer Concentration Measurement (PCM), optimised for measurement in dewatering centrate/filtrate.

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Polymer concentration in centrate


The Olpas Polymer Concentration Measurement system (PCM) uses the unique Olpas ultrasound measurement technology, optimised for measurements in centrate. 

The measurement are independednt of TSS concentration, and optical parameters (changes in fluid colour, solids form or structure) 

The sensor is pre-calibrated.  Scaling and offset can be set for installation-specific parameters.  



Free depth of +/- 60 mm (80 µs echo)

Direct contact with fluid

Mounting options

  • Inline mounting: flange, mounting adaptor, vertical or horizontal

  • Inline installation in flowcell possible

  • Mounting in bassin possible


Sensor to dataprocessor: 2m, 6m (Other lenghts on request)
Dataprocessor to plc/datalogger: long cables possibles

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With our versatile OLPAS Technology, we can build a tailor made sensor optimised for your application. 

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