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Olpas in Aquarama Magazine

Aquarama Magazine, the leading Belgian trade journal for water technology, interviewed our founders Kristof and Jo about the OLPAS technology and the Olpas sensors we are currently building.

This is another step in recognition of our innovative sensors for the measurement of dry solids in water treatment (TSS, MLSS) and sludge line analysis.

The article highlights some of the advantages of our small Olpas sensors compared to manual sampling and optical (NTU, turbidity) measurements:

  • Compared to manual sampling: direct results, online and inline measurement

  • Compared to optical sensors (NTU, turbidity): a direct measurement, fouling resistance, insensitivity to colour and turbidity & applicable in challenging environments (gas bubbles, fats)

If you have a subscription, you can find the interview on page 62.


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