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Sludge Concentration (hot-tap transducer)



TSS (Sludge concentration) in sludge: 0 - 10% solids (with Hot-tap sensor)

An easy to install small transducer (sensor) connected to a dataprocessor unit with a screen and buttons.
Extended transducer (sensor) for easy maintenance with a Hot-Tap retractable.

TSS (Sludge concentration) in sludge: 0 - 10% solids (with Hot-tap sensor)


  • Superior resistance to

  • fouling

  • struvite precipitation

  • changes in optical parameters (e.g. changing colour) 

  • Easy mounting due to the compact sensor.

  • Hot-tap retractable possible 

  • Standard mantenance interval longer compared to optical sensors

  • Factory calibrated

Extended Transducer for usage with the Hot-Tap retractable



Free depth of +/- 60 mm (80 µs echo)

Direct contact with fluid

Mounting options

  • Inline mounting: flange, mounting adaptor, vertical or horizontal

  • Extended transducer for installation with Hot-Tap retracteble (optional)

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