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Reliable suspended solids measurement

Measuring suspended solids and various other parameters in fluids using our proprietary innovative ultrasound measurement technology  

Olpas sensor for Water Monitoring Overflows, measuring TSS (Total Suspended Solids) in a sewer overflow.


Monitoring overflows

Olpas has products for these applications

Olpas is best know for products in the fields of water treatment, water monitoring and sludge dewatering.  Focus is on measuring concentrations, but also viscosity and other parameters. 

Other fields where OLPAS Technology is used... 

The Olpas Technology is also deployed in these fields...  and if you don't find the field you are looking for, we might be working on it with our OEM or co-development partners...

Are you active in dewatering / sewage water / industrial wastewater / watermonitoring in nature or sewers / chemical processes / ... 

Get in touch today!  

Olpas is more than technology...

Olpas is more than innovative ultrasound technology.  We develop the technology, build products using it, and are innovation partners for companies that want to incorporate OLPAS technology in their products. 

Innovative Technology 

Due to the nature of the OLPAS technology using ultrasound backscattering, an intrinsic measurement of the solids concentration is obtained. The ultrasound pulse propagates in the fluid and the resulting backscattering echo is a representative fingerprint of the suspension concentration. 

Ultrasound backscattering is independent of optical parameters, flow conditions, temperature or colour of the medium.

Easy to install

A low power, intrinsically safe, ultrasound pulse is sent into the medium. The backscattered echo is recorded by the transducer itself, allowing easy mounting of the transducers in any situation.

The transducer is no bigger than a pen.

Long maintenance window

Due to the ultrasound pulse used in Olpas measurements, fouling resistance of the Olpas sensors is far superior to competing technologies.  So no 'wipers', 'pressured air' or other automated physical cleaning instruments are needed. 

In general no re-calibration of the sensor is needed as long as the physical properties of the sensor stay intact. 

Economic solution

Olpas sensors are both CapEX and OpEx friendly.  Buying or renting a sensor is in general cheaper compared to alternatives.  Easy installation and long maintenance intervals guarantee a lower OpEx

We love working together with our partners to co-develop even better economic solutions for their specific needs.  

Want to know more?  Get in touch today!  

We help unlock value within your field 


Articles and blogposts

The Olpas founders at the Olpas offices in Turnhout

An experienced founding team

Kristof Gladinez (right) is the technical mastermind behind the innovative OLPAS technology and the different Olpas applications.  He defines the strategic roadmap and the different technical challenges Olpas focusses on.   

Jo Wouters has been active in the digital world for multiple decades.  Before Olpas he co-founded a leading digital agency in the Benelux-region that disrupted the market by building digital projects based on free and Open Sources technology.   

Both are very approachable, and are the first contact for our partners, suppliers and clients.

Business Details

Official address

Olpas bv

Turfkuilen 10

2200 Herentals (Belgium)

Laboratory, R&D
Customer Support


(Open Manufacturing Campus)

Slachthuisstraat 96

2300 Turnhout (Belgium)

Picture of the Open Manufacturing Campus in Turnhout.  Showing OMC and Olpas.

Our Partners

We are in good company: Olpas is supported by...

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