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What is Olpas ?

Olpas provides a direct suspended solids measurement for accurate process control.
We measure TSS and MLSS, also in extreme conditions. 

Olpas sensors use the new innovative OLPAS Technology

Developed at SCK CEN & MYRRHA the OLPAS Technology is a new measurement technology for measurement of suspended solids in all kinds of conditions


ADVANTAGES of Olpas sensors 

Olpas provides a direct suspended solids measurement for accurate process control.
We measure True-TSS and True-MLSS

Fouling resistance

 Superior resistance to fouling resulting in lower maintenance cost and extended product lifetime 

Non Intrusive measurements

Non contact measurement through stainless steel

Reliability &

Measurement of suspended solids independent of colour or turbidity.

Limited sensitivity to flow conditions, temperature, colour of the medium, pressure, ...


Applicable in harsh environment (temperature, pressure, humidity)
Process fluid independent


Municipal wastewater treatment

Olpas sensors bring great advantages for traditional municipal wastewater treatment.


Measurement of sludge concentration inline & in aeration basin

Accurate concentration measurement of activated sludge for controlling the sludge recirculation flow.

Superior fouling resistance

Since Ultrasound Pulse-Echo measurements are quasi unaffected by fouling layers, our sensors measure accurately even when fouled by an organic layer. 

Reduced operational cost

Due to their robustness and superior fouling resistance, treatment facilities have prolonged intervals between maintenance, resulting in a clear reduction in operational cost


Labo application

Olpas sensors offer easy to use concentration measurements to your lab.

Our sensors are resistant to harsh environments and provide accurate results in all conditions.

High resolution measurement up to ppm level

Accurate particle concentration measurements in suspensions and colloids.

The colour or opaqueness of the medium does not influence the measurement accuracy at all.

Wide range of particle sizes

Olpas sensors measure suspension concentrations from nanometer up to millimeter-sized particles.

Your full particle size distribution is therefore accounted for to provide accurate concentration measurement results.

Independent of particle morphology

Our measurement instruments provide robust results independent of particle density or shape.

Olpas detects all particles, organic or inorganic and offers specific calibrations for your measurement needs.


Innovation in water treatment

Olpas sensors play a key-role for small to medium scale wastewater treatment facilities where no interaction of the operator is desired.


TSS & MLSS for MBR & DAF units

Accurate MLSS and TSS measurements for MBR and DAF units.

Measure what is important in your DAF unit

 In Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) systems, the effluent quality in terms of TSS can be safeguarded with Olpas concentration measurements. Specifically for DAF systems, influent TSS is a valuable parameter for system control. 

Control aeration flow & sludge concentrations

The measurement of MLSS (Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids) and sludge concentrations in MBR’s allows for control of the aeration airflow and sludge recirculation flow.



Meet The Team

Kristof Gladinez - Olpas co-founder

Kristof Gladinez

Ir, PhD and fresh dad.  Kristof has all three titles.

And... he is the technical mastermind of the OLPAS technology that's behind the Olpas sensors.  

Want to know more ?  Read this interview with Kristof, where he explains the reason why Olpas was founded

Jo Wouters - Olpas co-founder

Jo Wouters

Jo has been active in the digital world for multiple decades.  In 2007 he co-founded a leading digital agency in the Benelux-region that disrupted the market by building digital projects based on free and Open Sources technology.  Ten years later the agency was sold to a world-class company with headquarters in Canada. 

When Kristof contacted Jo some time later to talk about the innovative ideas he was working on, he immediately got his attention.  Both of them decided to start Olpas, and to disrupt the world of measurement technology.  

Olpas Sensors & Techhnology - Logo

Olpas The Octopus

Since the OLPAS technology is particularly useful for usage in water (or liquids in general, that is) we decided to chose a water-animal as part of our logo.

Contrary to other famous organisations that have a logo that includes an animal (just to name a few: WWF, Puma or Lacoste) we chose one that can be trained. 

BTW: Some octopi also have extraordinary sensory capacities.  That's another reason...  

Our Partners

We are in good company: Olpas is supported by...

Flanders supports Olpas
Flanders Investment & Trade supports Olpas
SCK CEN is an Olpas partner
MYRRHA partners with Olpas
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